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Muc Off Air Filter Cleaner 1 Liter
Muc Off Air Filter Cleaner 1 Liter
Muc Off

Muc Off Air Filter Cleaner 1 Liter

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The Muc-Off Biodegradable Foam Filter Cleaner is a state of the art, professional strength biodegradable cleaner which cleans and cares for your filter.
It rapidly breaks down the stickiest of oils, greases and the nastiest of grime on all foam air filters.
It’s the hassle-free way to rapidly clean your foam filter and ensure you get your engines maximum horsepower.
The unique combination of active ingredients is formulated to rip through dirt and oil in seconds without damaging the foam or glue.
  • Quickly, easily and gently removes oil, dirt and grime „
  • Formulated to be ultra-safe on foam and glues „
  • Water based and readily biodegradable formula „
  • Solvent-free „
  • Non-caustic „
  • Easily washes off with water
1 Liter 

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