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A resin, acid-free and silicone-free, all-purpose product for five application areas: corrosion protection, lubricants, cleaners, or contact spray for rust removal.


Excellent rust creep ensuring rapid and effective Korrosionsdurchdringung for rust removal Excellent lubricating characteristics - eliminates creaking and squeaking noises and reduces friction and wear By infiltration of dirt, grease and oil residues will ensure a good cleaning power Good corrosion resistance by excellent adhesion to metals Produce a thin, viscous protective film that protects even the smallest of bumps from moisture and thus effectively prevents corrosion Water and feuchtigkeitsverdrängende properties Resin, acid-free and silicone free Good compatibility with rubber, paint and plastics Eliminates leakage


Solves rusty bolts, pipe fittings, screws, nuts, hinges, cables, shafts, locks, etc. Lubricates locks, hinges, bushings, chains, locks Cleans and protects plastic and metal parts such as trim and housing Prevents corrosion of metals and electrical components, cable connectors, relays, connectors, couplings, etc. Prevents freezing of locks and seals Use: For pre-clean treatment area. From about 20 cm from spray evenly. Operating temperature range: -20 to +150 ° C

Colour: pale yellow, transparent
Odour: neutral

Container: Aerosol
Contents: 400 ml
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