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BES&T Recovery Gel 421
BES&T Recovery Gel 421

BES&T Recovery Gel 421

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BES&T 421 Recovery Gel

Refreshes your body following a sporting achievement and promotes an optimized cool down and recovery. Relieves, relaxes and energizes.  Apply it to the desired areas (after showering) making sure you fully massage the product into your skin. The product does not create an unpleasant sensation when coming into contact with clothes.

Amino acid Glutamine:
  • is recommended to athletes who partake in intense training sessions and who want to maximize the build up of muscle tissue
  • plays a vital role in the creation and recovery of muscle tissue
  • is a semi-essential amino acid that is seen as essential for athletes as it is harder to produce glutamine than it is to burn it during exercise
  • two-thirds of the free amino acids in our muscles are glutamine and it is the amino acid that occurs the most frequently in our body
  • the more intense the exertion, the quicker the plasma levels in glutamine decrease. This means that glutamine is extracted from our muscle tissue leading to muscle break down. Glutamine prevents muscle break down
  • there is a strong relationship between the levels of free glutamine in our muscles and our muscles' ability to produce muscle proteins. In other words, glutamine increases a muscle cell's volume.
  • the higher the glutamine levels in our muscles the stronger the anabolism and the quicker the recovery following muscle tissue damage and injuries
  • following sports your body needs to make new muscle proteins and it needs glutamine to do so
  • glutamine also cleanses your body of the waste products released by proteins that are broken down during exercise; this means your muscles will be less acidified
  • glutamine promotes a speedy recovery of power and endurance in sportspeople

  • Camphor:
  • has a warming, cooling and refreshing effect
  • reduces cramps, is natural painkiller and an anti-inflammatory
  • beneficial to muscle pains and bruises
  • it fortifies and stimulates both muscles and body
  • stimulates saturation

  • Mint:
  • has a cooling and refreshing effect
  • beneficial to muscle pains

  • Lavender:
  • has a relaxing effect on both your body and muscles
  • relieves muscles
  • stimulates saturation
  • 250ml

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