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SKF Fork Sealkit Honda
SKF Fork Sealkit Honda

SKF Fork Sealkit Honda

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Showa 37 CR 80R 96-02 CR 85 96-07 CRF 150 07-16 CRF 230F 03-16, L 08-09
more than 9x available more than 9x available
Kayaba 43
CR 125 94-96
CR 250/500 95
more than 9x available more than 9x available
Kayaba 46
CR 125 97-07
CR 250 95-96
CR 500 96-02

more than 9x available more than 9x available
Showa 47
CR 250 97-07
CRF 250R 04-09
CRF 250X 05-15
CRF 450R 02-08
CRF 450X 05-15
more than 9x available more than 9x available
Showa 43
CRF 250L 12-16
more than 9x available more than 9x available
Showa 48
CRF 250R 10-14
more than 9x available more than 9x available
Showa 49 SFF
CRF 250R 15-
more than 9x available more than 9x available
Kayaba 48
CRF 450 09-12
more than 9x available more than 9x available
Kayaba 48 PSF
CRF 450R 09-12, 13-15
more than 9x available more than 9x available
29.70 €
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33.00 €
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SKF fork seals - boost your riding experience

SKF, the leading global supplier of seals for automotive and two-wheel applications, has launched a new series of seals to the aftermarket, for motorcycle forks. Our extensive experience in the area of shock absorber seals has lead to a new seal that will enhance the enjoyment of your ride.

Seals for motorcycle suspensions differ according to the application: oil seals and wiper rings for the front fork, usually monotube seals for the rear suspension and special seals for the steering damper. Even though operating pressures and temperatures in motorcycles are moderate when compared to a car or truck, there are some specific factors to be considered.
Enduro or motocross forks are the most demanding applications due to a long stroke, high speed and contaminated operating conditions. For high performance street motorcycles, the vibration frequency can be extremely high, causing chattering. In addition, there are special dust protection requirements due to the exposed position of the fork and the absence of protective bellows.

In these applications, the rider is in direct contact with the front suspension via the handlebars. Therefore, the smoothness of fork movement is vital, as it has a considerable impact on steering behavior.

SKF fork seal kits

SKF seal kits for motorcycle forks consist of an oil seal and a wiper seal developed to achieve superior sealing performance.

As a result of SKF's extensive experience in the design and material development of seals for suspension systems, SKF has developed a new self-lubricating compound. The design and performance characteristics of the seals made from this compound enable them to keep oil in and contaminants out of the fork, while virtually eliminating stick-slip and improving performance by reducing friction.

To get the most out of your bike, both seals should be replaced.

The sealing system for the ultimate riding experience

The oil and wiper seals, which are made from a new self-lubricating compound, have been specially designed to provide the following benefits:

  • compatible with a wide range of original equipment and aftermarket oils
  • increase seal life and performance
  • enhance water and dirt protection capability and withstand UV light
  • maintain low and constant friction in operation
  • reduce wear and air suction.
When you are in need of a set for a complete fork you have to order this item twice!
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