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Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Pro Pack Honda CR/CRF  210-pcs.
Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Pro Pack Honda CR/CRF  210-pcs.

Bolt Motorcycle Hardware Pro Pack Honda CR/CRF 210-pcs.

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Pro-Pack Screw-Kit 2008-CRPFF

Many of our team riders use Honda's. As a result, this kit has been heavily researched on the bikes of Beau Baron (Honda factory test rider), Kevin Rookstool (Geico Honda), & Jessy Nelson (Troy Lee Designs). The fasteners in this kit are direct replicas of the factory hardware. This kit has exactly what you need for fastening bodywork, seat, wheels, sub-frame, engine mounts, exhaust pipe, case bolts, and chain guides. You will find rotor bolts, shroud bolts, t-nuts, seat bolts, nuts, M5, M6 & M8 hex flange bolts, aluminum and copper drain plug washers, sprocket bolts, pan head screws, cotter pins, chain adjuster nut & bolts, fender washers, rim-lock spacers, aluminum bushings, fork guard bolts and more.

Designed for full size Honda CRF models years 2000 to current.

All our hardware meets or exceeds OEM specs. Proudly designed and assembled in the USA with components from the USA & Taiwan.Included Items:
(4) M5 Radiator Shroud Bolt
(10) M6 Rotor Bolt
(2) M8x16mm Seat Bolt
(2) M8x22mm Seat Bolt
(2) M10 Sub-Frame Bolt
(8) M6 Shoulder Fork Guard Bolt
(4) M6 T-nut
(4) M5x12 Hex Flange Bolt
(2) M6x12 Hex Flange Bolt
(4) M6x12 Hex Flange Bolt
(4) M6x16 Hex Flange Bolt
(12) M6x16 Hex Flange Bolt
(8) M6x18 Hex Flange Bolt
(6) M6x20 Hex Flange Bolt
(5) M6x25 Hex Flange Bolt
(3) M6x30 Hex Flange Bolt
(2) M6x40 Hex Flange Bolt
(2) M6x45 Hex Flange Bolt
(2) M8x16 Hex Flange Bolt
(4) M8x20 Hex Flange Bolt
(4) M8x25 Hex Flange Bolt
(4) M8x30 Hex Flange Bolt
(4) M8x35 Hex Flange Bolt
(8) M8x40 Hex Flange Bolt
(6) M8 Sprocket Bolt
(6) M8 Locking Sprocket Nut
(2) M8x50 Chain Adjuster Bolt
(2) M8 Chain Adjuster Nut
(3) M10 Fuji Nut
(12) M6 Fuji Nut
(2) M8 Flange Nut
(1) M6 Flange Nut
(4) M8 Flat Washer
(2) M8x25 Fender Washer
(4) M6x16 Fender Washer
(4) M6x22 Fender Washer
(5) M6x25 Fender Washer
(2) M6x11mm Copper Compression Washer
(6) M8x15mm Aluminum Compression Washer
(4) M10 "Banjo Bolt" Aluminum Compression Washer
(2) M6 Large Aluminum Collar Washer
(4) M6 Aluminum Collar Washer
(4) M6 Aluminum Fender Washer
(2) M8 Aluminum Rim-Lock Spacer
(2) Rubber Valve Stem Grommet
(2) Black Plastic Valve Cap
(1) Metal Screwdriver Valve Cap
(2) M4x12 Phillips Flush Mount Screw
(8) M5x10 Pan Head Screw
(2) 2.5mmx25mm Cotter Pin
(2) 2.0mmx20mm Cotter Pin
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