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Moto-Master Bremsbeläge 11 Compound TM vorne
Moto-Master Bremsbeläge 11 Compound TM vorne

Moto-Master Bremsbeläge 11 Compound TM vorne

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Sintered metal pads offer a powerful initial bite and optimal wear resistance in extreme conditions
They provide a progressive feel at the lever and offer high thermal stability up to 600C/1000F degrees; no fading on high speed downhills
100% compatible with OEM stainless steel rotors, but are designed especially to match Moto Master brake rotors in performance and feeling
Bedding in time is low as optimal pad/disc contact is achieved after 8 to 10 stops

11 COMPOUND All around sintered pad for offroad and MX competition with a high performance/wear ratio
12 COMPOUND Provides 30% more friction than 11 compound Pads are designed for professional MX, SX and supermoto racing with high thermal resistance and excellent initial bite
21 COMPOUND Sintered, high temperature- and high wear-resistant pads are ideal for wet MX, Enduro and Rally Raid use

80 Cross 96-00
85 MX 01-12
125 E/XC + MX 98-14, EN 14
250 E/XC + MX + EN 95-14, F Enduro 00-14
300 E/XC + MX + EN 00-14 05-14
320 Enduro 96-97
400 4-Takt Enduro + MX 01-05
450 4-Takt Enduro + MX + EN 02-15
530 MX/Enduro 05-
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