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NGK platinum Spark Plug B10EVX
NGK platinum Spark Plug B10EVX

NGK platinum Spark Plug B10EVX

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Start with no waiting: VX spark plugs

The problem - Fouled spark plugs.

"Stop and go" and unnecessary idling when putting on helmet and gloves will cause, for instance, quicker fouling of the spark plugs. The unpleasant consequences: The ignition "stutters", every new start becomes a problem.

Changing or cleaning the spark plugs is not only unpleasant, but also time consuming and costly and the result obtained will be short-term only. This is not a good and lasting solution to the problem.

The solution: VX spark plugs by NGK.

The innovative VX spark plug was specially developed for overcoming ignition problems with motorcycles and is the perfect outcome of our work over many years for international motorcycle manufacturers.

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